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Types of Encryption

Encrypting data helps keep private information secure. Encryption is used on electronically stored information to make it indecipherable. When using encryption techniques, intercepted data cannot be read, making the information useless if stolen.

Encryption is a two-step process: first, the data must be encrypted so it is unreadable, and then it must be decrypted so it is readable. Different encryption methods use one or more keys to protect the data.

Encryption Methods

Types of Encryption

When it comes to encrypting your data, these are the basic methods you can use: 

  • Symmetric: Also called private-key cryptography, allows anyone with access to the encryption key to decrypt the information. 
  • Asymmetric: Also called public-key cryptography, uses two separate keys—one to encrypt the data (which anyone can view and use) and a separate key to decrypt the data (which must stay private to protect the encrypted data). 

Encryption Software

There are a variety of tools you can use to encrypt your electronic information. The most highly ranked software programs on the market that encrypt and protect your data run anywhere from a few dollars to $60 for personal use. 

Check out’s review of their favorite encryption software packages available in 2017.

Protect Your Paper Files with Shredding Services

Encryption software will protect your digital data, but what about your paper files?

There are certain records you need to keep forever, such as birth certificates. But junk mail, credit card receipts, bills, and tax forms from over 7 years ago all contain information that can be used to steal your identity or open accounts in your name.

These types of physical items should only be kept as long as necessary, and then they should be swiftly shredded and tossed out.

Never throw these types of materials directly into your garbage. Identity thieves know how valuable personal information is and often stoop low enough to dig through neighborhood trash cans to find private information. Always shred any piece of paper containing personal information before you toss it out.

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